Delivery and placement of concrete table tennis tables

Delivery and placement is possible within the Netherlands with the exception of the Waddeneilanden. Please contact us for the possibilities of delivery outside the Netherlands and the Waddeneilanden.

A concrete table tennis table is very heavy, so on delivery a truck with loading/unloading crane is used. The loading/unloading crane has a maximum outreach of 5 meters. If the table tennis table has to be placed further from the road, the concrete table tennis table can be rolled further with a pallet truck. It is important that the route is flat, paved and without obstacles, in addition, at least 1 person must be present to help roll the table. There should therefore be no obstacles between the place of unloading and the place where the table tennis table should be placed, if the free width between obstacles is less than 280 cm, this must be reported in advance as an extra pallet truck is then needed.

Help is also necessary for placing the concrete table tennis table. When installing on flat and paved areas, 1 person is usually sufficient, but if the pavement is not even or sloping, 1 or 2 extra people are needed to put the table in place.

If, at the time of delivery, it appears that it is impossible to place the table tennis table at the right place, the table will be unloaded at a place designated by you as close as possible to the final destination. In this case, you will be responsible for placing the table in the right location, of course at your own expense. If you cancel the order at the time of delivery, the table will be taken back and you will have to pay the return costs. It is therefore important that you know for sure that the table tennis table can be placed in the place you have in mind. If you have any doubts or questions about the possibility of delivery and placement, please contact us.

Please note: It is not possible to roll a concrete base plate with a pallet truck.  Therefore, base plates can only be delivered within 5 metres of the truck.

Watch the video below to get an impression of the delivery of a concrete table tennis table.