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Philos Kalaha and Hus stones

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Philos Hus klein bamboe cassette 295x192mm online kopen |

Philos Hus small. 29.5x19.2cm w/natural stones

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Philos Hus cassette large 47.5x28cm w/nat. stones

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Hus is an African game with stones that belongs to the Mancala games. The game Hus is still a popular game in Africa, it is called the national board game of Africa. Nobody knows exactly how old the game Hus is, but archaeological excavations have shown that predecessors of the current Hus game were already played in Africa 3000 years ago. Hus is therefore one of the oldest board games in the world. The Hus game was discovered late in Europe and is, like Kalaha, Wari and Mancala, also known as the bean game. Hus is an exciting strategic game for two players. The aim of the game is to obtain as many stones as possible from the opponent. Order Hus online on working days before 3pm and we will deliver the next working day.