Legal warranty / Non Conformity

The legal warranty applies to all products purchased through Buffalo.nl:

A product must have those properties that are necessary for normal use. In short: do what the buyer can reasonably expect from it. This means that a product must not show any defects during its expected lifespan under normal use. If a product does not meet these expectations, in other words: if it shows a defect, Buffalo.nl must in principle repair it free of charge or, if that is not possible, deliver a replacement, comparable product. Or if that is not possible: to dissolve the agreement.

If the product has been used for a long time without problems, Buffalo.nl does not have to reimburse the entire purchase amount. For repairs, Buffalo.nl may charge costs if the lifespan of the product is extended by the repair after a longer period of use. These legal rules always apply and are independent of any other warranty given, such as a manufacturer's warranty.

If the product has not been used normally or if there is normal wear and tear, the above does not apply.

Manufacturer’s warranty

Buffalo.nl offers a manufacturer’s warranty of 2 years (24 months) to all its products, unless this is clearly stated with the product in question (longer or shorter). You can find this information with your product under the caption “additional information”.
The same manufacturer’s warranty (conditions) apply if the manufacturer’s warranty period is longer or shorter than 2 years (24 months)

This manufacturer’s warranty applies to all non-fitness products. The manufacturer’s warranty provisions for our fitness products are also stated on our site under the caption manufacturer’s warranty fitness

  • The manufacturer’s warranty only includes material errors and manufacturing errors.

  • The manufacturer’s warranty period of your product will commence on the purchase date, we therefore advise you to keep the sales receipt with due care.

  • The manufacturer’s warranty extends to sending possible new original parts and/or changing the product.

  • The offered manufacturer’s warranty will not affect the statutory rights which the customer already has.

Exchanging a product:

The product must be delivered in the original packaging, if reasonably possible, disassembled and in a good condition, with a copy of your invoice, an account statement or an email, which includes the invoice number and other details which show that you purchased the product at Buffalo.nl. Besides a proof of the purchase, we also ask to clearly describe the question or defect. We request that you inform us of a defect as soon as possible after discovery. If the product cannot be delivered anymore, it will be exchanged for an alternative, equivalent product.

Exclusions manufacturer’s warranty:

  • Damage, failure or loss as a result of normal wear, accidents, improper or incorrect use, neglect, misuse, theft and/or disposal are excluded from the manufacturer’s warranty.

  • The lack of the purchase receipt or not being able to submit a model/type number means that the product in question is excluded from the manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Damage, failure or loss as a result of not observing warnings and instruction in the user instructions are excluded from the manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Damage, failure of loss as a result of connecting a product to a non-earthed or defect power supply that differs from the UK standard are excluded from the manufacturer’s warranty.

  • The above-mentioned products must have always been placed in a clean, dry and dust-free environment. If this is not complied with, the manufacturer’s warranty will terminate. (this also applies to garages, garden houses etc.).

  • The manufacturer’s warranty is given to the first owner of the product; the manufacturer’s warranty is not transferable, each successive owner is excluded from the manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Any batteries are excluded from the manufacturer’s warranty.

  • The manufacturer’s warranty is limited to the country where you purchased the product.As stated in the above-mentioned points, these exclusions only refer to the manufacturer’s warranty. In its capacity of selling party Buffalo.nl guarantees sound products.

Transport damage:

  • Before signing for receipt, we would like to ask you to inspect the delivered products with regard to any transport damage, damage to the packaging and completeness of the delivered packages. Nevertheless, if there is any transport damage, damage to the packaging and if the supplied packages are incomplete, you must describe the damage on the consignment note, make photos of the damage and directly submit a report about this to Buffalo.nl.

In the event of questions and/or defects:

  • Do you have any questions about the product or about the assembly?

  • Do you have any problems with operating the product?

  • Do you perhaps want to order replacement components?

Contact Buffalo.nl
e-mail: service@buffalo.nl
tel: +31 (0)20 6675076

In order to deal with questions or defects of the product as well as possible, you must communicate the item number, model and serial number of the product to us. Please send questions and/or report defects as well-documented as possible, preferably with digital photos and/or recordings.

Repairing products on location:

The following rates apply to the repair of products (not included in the manufacturer’s warranty):

Repair work on location.: € 47,80 per hour, incl. VAT.
Travel allowance: € 30,25 per hour, incl. VAT.
* Price per kilometre: € 0.39 incl. VAT.

Prices include transport of any required components (if applicable)
Prices exclude any ordered / required components.
The costs must be paid to the service mechanic on location, in cash or with a debit card (no credit cards).

* Calculated with routenet.nl from place of departure postal code 1069CB

We only carry out repairs on products purchased from us.
The repair of products is carried out by:

e-mail: service@buffalo.nl
tel: +31 (0)20 6675076