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Game tables

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Buffalo Victory competitie pooltafel 9ft |

Buffalo Victory pool table 9ft grey

incl. VAT
Omega Chinese pooltafel

Buffalo Omega Chinese pool table 9ft

incl. VAT

Buffalo Eliminator II pool table 7ft black

Special Price €1,695.00 Regular Price €1,999.00
incl. VAT
Buffalo Napoleon pooltafel 8ft kersen

Buffalo Napoleon pool table 8ft cherry

Special Price €2,999.00 Regular Price €3,350.01
incl. VAT
Buffalo Dominator pooltafel 8ft zwart

Buffalo Dominator pool table 8ft black

Special Price €2,995.00 Regular Price €3,250.00
incl. VAT
Buffalo Napoleon pooltafel 8ft eiken

Buffalo Napoleon pool table 8ft oak

Special Price €2,999.00 Regular Price €3,350.01
incl. VAT

Cornilleau 100X outdoor table tennis table grey

Special Price €429.01 Regular Price €499.00
incl. VAT

Cornilleau Hyphen outdoor pool table white

Special Price €3,295.00 Regular Price €3,599.00
incl. VAT

Buffalo soccer table Storm F2 outdoor

incl. VAT
Zeta pooltafel 7ft |

Buffalo Zeta pool table 7ft wengue

incl. VAT
Roller pooltafel 7ft

Buffalo Roller pool table 7ft yellow-grey

incl. VAT
Space limited edition 9ft pooltafel

Buffalo Space Limited Edition pool table 9ft

incl. VAT

Game tables, fun for everyone!

Table tennis, air hockey, pool, snooker, soccer tables and poker are all games that require a game table. At Buffalo you will find the following types of game tables; air hockey tables, pool tables, snooker tables, soccer tables, table tennis tables and poker tables. All these game tables come in different sizes and designs for both indoor and outdoor use, for home use or commercial use. In addition to Buffalo game tables, we also sell game tables from the brands Aramith, Cornilleau, Brunswick and HeBlad.

What should you pay attention to when buying a game table?

Whether such a game table should be placed in the garden, the clubhouse, the cellar or in the canteen, it is all possible, but you have to pay attention to a number of things when purchasing a game table. If you are going to buy a game table, you must first carefully measure whether the table fits in the space and whether there is enough space left to play. You should also check if the game table can be placed where you have in mind. Especially if the game table has to be placed on a floor or in the basement, the staircase can cause problems due to the size of the table. This is especially the case with air hockey tables, table tennis tables and pool tables with a wooden playing field. Choosing between an indoor or an outdoor game table seems simple, but an outdoor game table can also be the better choice for unheated indoor spaces. Furthermore, it is of course important who is going to play, for example if you are looking for a soccer table for children then a telescopic soccer table is safer. If you are looking for a game table for the company canteen, a hotel or a clubhouse, you will have to take into account that the game table is suitable for this.

A game table for home or commercial use

All our game tables are suitable for home use, but not all of our game tables are suitable for commercial use. By commercial use we do not only mean pool centers, clubhouses, rental companies, but also companies where more than 15 people will use the game table. Game tables suitable for commercial use are made for intensive playing and some are even resistant to vandalism. There are also game tables with coin systems that are ideally suited for the hospitality industry. If you want advice on purchasing the right game table for your company or for your home, please contact us.

Assemble a game table yourself or have it assembled?

Except for the slate pool tables, every game table can be assembled yourself. The tables come with a manual and for the assembly of, for example, a Cornilleau table tennis table, there are in most cases even instructional videos on YouTube. You can of course always choose to have the game table installed by our professional installers.

Buy a game table online

Of course you buy your game table at, the game table specialist! You can always contact us for advice about game tables. We are happy to help you choose the right game table, so that you will enjoy it for a long time and will not be disappointed. The game table will be delivered to your home free of charge by our transporters, if you have opted for the assembly service, the game table will be delivered by our installers.