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Harrows Matrix steel tip darts

As low as €11.95
Harrows Black Arrow darts online kopen | Buffalo.nl

Harrows Black Arrow darts

As low as €12.50
Harrows Voodoo steeltip darts

Harrows Voodoo darts

As low as €15.50
Harrows Ace steeltip darts

Harrows Ace darts

As low as €18.50
Harrows Blaze Inox steel darts

Harrows Blaze darts

As low as €17.94
Harrows Black Jack RVS darts

Harrows Black Jack darts

As low as €21.50
Harrows Torpedo 80% tungsten darts

Harrows Torpedo darts

As low as €42.96
Harrows Assassin 80% tungsten darts

Harrows Assassin darts

As low as €43.95
Harrows Bomber 85% tungsten darts

Harrows Bomber darts

As low as €45.96
Harrows Revere 90% tungsten steeltip darts

Harrows Revere darts

As low as €54.95
Harrows Rival 90% tungsten darts

Harrows Rival darts

As low as €54.95
Data Economy brass steel tip darts

Data Economy brass steel tip darts

As low as €5.95

Darts for every type of dart player

Your success as a dart player depends to a great extent on the darts you use. At Buffalo.nl you will find a wide range of soft-tip and steel-tip darts for both the beginning and the advanced player. Softtip darts are used with electronic dartboards and steeltip darts with traditional dartboards.

Parts of the dart

A dart consists of 4 parts: the point, the barrel, shaft and flight. Darts are chosen based on the characteristics of the point and the barrel, weight, shape, grip and material. Shafts and flights determine for a large part the appearance of the darts through colour and decoration, but can break while playing. Shafts and flights are therefore sold separately and can be easily replaced. Also the points of darts need maintenance. Throwing darts can cause the points to become blunt or damaged. The points of steel darts can be sharpened with a dart point sharpener. With softtip darts the point is also subject to wear and tear, these points can be replaced with dart tips that are sold separately.

Buy darts online

You can buy soft tip and steel tip darts, dart flights, dart shafts and dart tips from Winmau, Innergames-d and Karella online at Buffalo.nl. Order your darts, flights, shafts and dart tips online and pay securely with iDEAL, credit card, PayPal or afterwards with Riverty.