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100 years of quality in billiards, sports and games

Buffalo.nl B.V. and its predecessors of the entrepreneurial families Bary and Wetzlar have been running a thriving Amsterdam family business for a century. Founded in 1923 and over the decades expanded in the billiard trade, the 5th generation of Bary is presently in charge of Buffalo. The 6th generation has already signed up for duty. We cherish the heritage of Buffalo, a well-established brand with a rich past and a bright future.

Buffalo - fully stocked

Choosing Buffalo means choosing for sustainability, top quality and great service. Buffalo aspires to be the best 'one-stop-shop' for billiards, sports and game enthusiasts. We make our customers happy every day with high-quality items, for indoors and outdoors and something for everyone. We enthusiastically encourage our customers to play (more). It’s good for you!

Buffalo carries a wide range of premium brands, divided into 8 business segments:

We live up to our reputation - worldwide

Buffalo has been guaranteeing top quality in billiards and sports and game articles for 100 years. In the Netherlands and far beyond. We are proud to do business all over the world. We remain down-to-earth Amsterdam folk, but our focus is clearly on the global market. That trading mentality is characteristic of Buffalo, it is in our genes. Our knowledge and experience and our entrepreneurial spirit are contagious. In addition to a distribution network of 250 distributors in 52 countries, we are also very active on the web with a B2C and B2B website. We now also work with the 40 largest marketplaces in Europe.

Large assortment of A-brands

Buffalo carries an extensive range of the best billiards, sports and games articles on the market under its own brand. Stored in our own warehouses in and around Amsterdam, where we still have our head office. Buffalo also sources products from selective, highly dedicated suppliers from the Netherlands and abroad. All A-brands and suppliers with a good and responsible reputation. We monitor that closely. We attach great importance to sustainability and good and safe working conditions. We have long-standing relationships with many suppliers and customers. Buffalo is equally important also known for its excellent service & home delivery. For 100 years we have upheld that honour with our great company.

Want to know more about Buffalo's glorious history?

At Buffalo we are extremely proud of our family business, for a century we have cherished our Amsterdam heritage, innovative trading spirit and pleasant way of doing business. It is indicative of our corporate culture. Straight to the point, with a lot of humour, loyalty and honesty: a word is a word. Together with our beautiful and varied range and our unparalleled service, this forms a special quality guarantee. Every day again!
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