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Buffalo snooker table 8ft mahogany

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Buffalo snooker table 9ft mahogany

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Buffalo snooker table 10ft mahogany look

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Buffalo snooker table 12ft mahogany look

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Omega 10ft snookertafel

Buffalo Omega snooker table 10ft mahogany

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Omega snookertafel 12ft

Buffalo Omega snooker table 12ft mahogany

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Snooker is a cue sport that resembles pool. There are clear differences between snooker and pool, snooker balls are smaller and lighter than pool balls and a snooker cue is thinner than a pool cue. Snooker is played with 21 colored balls and one white cue ball. The twenty-one colored balls consist of 15 red balls, 1 yellow ball, 1 green ball, 1 brown ball, 1 blue ball, 1 pink ball and one black ball. The balls also have a different value. Red balls have the value of 1 point, yellow 2 points, green 3 points, brown 4 points, blue 5 points, pink 6 points and black 7 points.

A snooker game starts by placing the balls in the start position on the table. With the white ball players must try to make a red ball disappear in 1 of the six holes (pockets). After potting a red ball, the player must play a colored ball of choice in one of the pockets. If he succeeds, the colored (non red) ball is returned to its starting position on the table and the player must play a red ball in one of the six holes and so on. The moment the player fails to pot, the opponent comes to the table for the next shot. When all the red balls are potted, the colored balls must be played in order of their value, but now they will not be returned to the table.

Buying a snooker table

The Buffalo snooker table is available in different sizes and models. Easily order your snooker table online and do not forget to order snooker balls and snooker cues.

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