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What sports do you play?

The sports equipment you need for your favorite sport can be found online at Plenty of sports don’t require a gym, sports school, club or sports track at all. Take soccer, badminton, basketball, boxing, volleyball or table tennis. You can practice these sports anywhere and whenever you like. In the garden, in the woods, on the streets, a square or park or even on the beach.

Basketballs, soccer balls and more

The most popular ball sports are basketball and soccer. In addition to a large collection of basketballs, we also offer an extensive range of basketball boards with or without a pole. For soccer we have a collection of soccer goals in different sizes and of course some beautiful soccer balls. For other ball sports you will find the right ball at as well.

Shuttles and rackets

Do you like to play (speed) badminton on the beach or are you in for a more serious game of badminton? Choose your badminton set or badminton racket from our extensive collection of speed badminton and badminton articles.

Boxing to get fit

Punching bag training or sparring? Everything for boxing, kick boxing and MMA directly available from stock! View our wide range of martial arts items from Reebok, Adidas and BenLee.

Is cross fit, strength training or yoga more your thing? Take a look at our wide range of fitness articles!

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Sports articles for competition or recreation, directly available from stock and delivered free of charge with an order from €20,00
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