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Harrows Matrix steel tip darts

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Harrows Black Arrow darts online kopen |

Harrows Black Arrow darts

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Harrows Voodoo steeltip darts

Harrows Voodoo darts

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Harrows Ace steeltip darts

Harrows Ace darts

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Harrows Blaze Inox steel darts

Harrows Blaze darts

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Harrows Black Jack RVS darts

Harrows Black Jack darts

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Harrows Torpedo 80% tungsten darts

Harrows Torpedo darts

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Harrows Assassin 80% tungsten darts

Harrows Assassin darts

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Harrows Bomber 85% tungsten darts

Harrows Bomber darts

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Harrows Revere 90% tungsten steeltip darts

Harrows Revere darts

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Harrows Rival 90% tungsten darts

Harrows Rival darts

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Data Economy brass steel tip darts

Data Economy brass steel tip darts

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Steel tip darts brass and tungsten

You will have noticed that there is a lot of price difference between the different darts. The price difference is due to the material the barrel is made of. Brass darts are cheaper than Tungsten darts. Brass darts are suitable for children, beginners and recreational players, Tungsten darts are for the advanced darter and the professionals. The difference between the brass and tungsten darts is not durability but functionality.
Tungsten is a heavier material and the barrel can be thinner and smaller, the higher the percentage of Tungsten, the thinner the barrel.

How to choose the right dart

Which steel tip dart is most suitable for you is difficult to determine. However, there are some guidelines. Are you only going to play darts for fun, then you can choose the cheaper brass darts, if you want to play darts more seriously then tungsten darts are more suitable. Darts are available in different weights. The heavier the dart, the more precise you can throw; the dart will not sway as quickly, but the disadvantage is that you have to throw with more force to achieve the right speed. The most common weights for steeltip darts are from 21 grams to 26 grams and the most used weight for steel tip darts is 24 grams. Because you hold the dart by the barrel, the shape and grip of the barrel is important. Darts with a lot of grip can be recognized by their structure, these barrels often have a ringed or knurled structure. How much grip you need depends on your hands, do you have dry hands or moist hands. The dart should of course leave your hand without any problems, but it should not slip out of it either.
You will therefore largely discover which dart is best for you by playing darts with different darts.

Maintenance steel tip darts

Throwing can make the tips of your darts blunt or damage them. To keep the tips of your steel tip darts in top condition, you can sharpen them with a dart point sharpener. The flights and shafts of the darts will also need to be renewed every now and then.

Steel tip darts by professionals

Of course you can also choose the steel tip darts of your favourite dart player. Do you go for darts with the grip of 'Mighty Mike' Michael van Gerwen or for the unique barrel of Simon 'The Wizard' Whitlock? Whoever your favorite dart player is, there is always a steel tip dart set of a professional dart player that exactly meets your wishes!

Buy steel tip darts online

Choose from our wide range of steeltip darts from brands like Winmau and Karella. There are steel tip darts for the beginning, advanced and professional darter. Buy your darts online at and we will ensure that you can start playing darts quickly with your new darts.