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Philos Kalaha reis set 322x98mm online kopen | Buffalo.nl

Philos Kalaha travel set. 32.2x9.8cm w/nat. stones

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Philos Kalaha Bamboehout 470x127mm online kopen | Buffalo.nl

Philos Kalaha bamboo. 47x12.7cm w/nat. stones

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Philos Kalaha Walnoten en rubberhout 470x125mm online kopen | Buffalo.nl

Philos Kalaha walnut. 47x12.5cm w/nat. stones

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Philos Kalaha beukenhout 56x15cm online kopen | Buffalo.nl

Philos Kalaha beech 56x15

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Philos Kalaha and Hus stones

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Who wins all the stones?

Kalaha, like Hus, is an ancient board game belonging to the Mancala games, Kalaha is also called the African Stone Game. Kalaha is played with a beautiful wooden board containing 6 small pits, calles houses, and 2 larger pits, the large pits are called Kalaha's.

The Kalaha game rules

The game board is placed between the two players so that each has 6 pits in front of him. Each player controls the six pits in front of him and the Kalaha to his right.
Start the game with 4 stones in each house of the board, the Kalaha's remain empty. The first player chooses a house and takes all stones from it and places them one by one, counterclockwise, in the following house also in his own Kalaha but not in that of his opponent. If the last stone is placed in your own Kalaha, you get an additional move. If the last stone is placed in an empty player's house, then that stone and all the stones in the opposing house may be taken and placed in one's own Kalaha. If the opposing house is empty, the stone is placed in one's own house and one's turn ends.
The game is over when all six houses on ne side of the board are empty. The other player may now empty all the pits and place them in his Kalaha. All stones in the Kalaha are now counted and the player with the most stones has won.

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