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Cornilleau table tennis top outdoor grey

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Tafeltennis bat Cornilleau Tacteo 50 rood

Cornilleau Tacteo 50 Red

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Tafeltennis bat set Cornilleau Tacteo duo pak rood/groen

Cornilleau Tacteo pack duo

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Tafeltennis bat Cornilleau Nexeo X70 carbon zwart

Cornilleau Nexeo X70 Carbon

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ltennis bat Cornilleau Nexeo X90 carbon

Cornilleau Nexeo X90 Carbon

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Cornilleau Nexeo X200 Graphite tafeltennisbat

Cornilleau Nexeo X200 graphite

Special Price €89.95 Regular Price €109.00
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Cornilleau Sport pack Solo

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Cornilleau Sport Pack Duo

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Tafeltennis bat Cornilleau Softbat blauw

Cornilleau Softbat blue

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Tafeltennis bat Cornilleau Softbat groen

Cornilleau Softbat green

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Tafeltennis bat Cornilleau Softbat rood

Cornilleau Softbat Red

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Tafeltennis batset Cornilleau Softbat 2 stuks

Cornilleau Softbat Pack Duo

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About Cornilleau

In 1969, in the carpentry workshop of the Cornilleau family, the first 300 table tennis tables were produced. That was the beginning of the worldwide known brand Cornilleau. Since then, Cornilleau has become the market leader in table tennis with sales outlets in more than 75 countries and a very extensive product range. To ensure the good Cornilleau service and the distribution of the products, Cornilleau has a network of ultra-specialist partners. We are proud to say that we, BV, are the distributor for Cornilleau for The Netherlands.

Cornilleau table tennis, Made in France

Cornilleau develops, designs and manufactures table tennis tables, bats, ping pong balls and other table tennis items with a team of experts in collaboration with major professional players and carefully chosen partners. High quality materials and innovative technologies are used for the production of Cornilleau products. Cornilleau table tennis tables and Cornilleau table tennis products not only have a distinctive design but also represent top quality. All Cornilleau table tennis tables and the Tacteo and Nexeo table tennis bats are produced in France.

Cornilleau table tennis tables

Cornilleau indoor table tennis tables are available for home use and for competition. The indoor table tennis tables meet all safety regulations and the Cornilleau competition table tennis tables meet the ITTF standards.
The most popular Cornilleau outdoor table tennis tables are the tables from the Cornilleau Sport Crossover outdoor series and the Cornilleau Performance Crossover outdoor series. In addition, Cornilleau has a number of outdoor table tennis tables that are suitable for use at, among other things, camping, school and hotel, the Cornilleau institutional table tennis tables.
Order a Cornilleau table tennis table cover as well to protect your table tennis table from dust and dirt when you are not using it.

Cornilleau table tennis bats

In addition to indoor and outdoor table tennis tables, there are also Cornilleau outdoor table tennis bats and Cornilleau indoor bats. The table tennis bats from Cornilleau are tailored to different player levels, from beginner to advanced.
Cornilleau also has pinpong balls in its collection.

Cornilleau pool table

In 2020 Cornilleau introduces something new, the Cornilleau Hyphen outdoor pool table.
An outdoor pool table that can be transformed into a dining table and a table tennis table.
This makes the Hyphen an absolute asset for your garden, office or dining room.

Cornilleau and safety

All Cornilleau table tennis tables comply with the European safety standard EN 14468-1.
Cornilleau has even gone a step further than this standard, as most Cornilleau table tennis tables are equipped with a super safe locking system. As a result, opening and closing the Cornilleau table tennis tables is very easy. The Cornilleau DSI locking system even has 16 locking points so that the table top cannot fall down in one go.

Cornilleau warranty

A table tennis table is a major purchase that you want to enjoy for a long time. All Cornilleau table tennis tables have a 3-year warranty on the playing surfaces, and even 10 years for the outdoor table tennis tables. Of course, due to wear and tear, something may always need to be replaced, by choosing a Cornilleau table tennis table you can be sure that you can order all parts for another 20 years.