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Zeta pooltafel 7ft

Buffalo Zeta pool table 7ft wengue

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Zeta pooltafel 8ft

Buffalo Zeta pool table 8ft wengue

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Zeta pooltafel 9ft

Buffalo Zeta pool table 9ft wengue

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Roller pooltafel 7ft

Buffalo Roller pool table 7ft yellow-grey

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Roller pooltafel 8ft

Buffalo Roller pool table 8ft grey

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New York pooltafel 7ft

Buffalo New York pool table 7ft walnut

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New York pooltafel 8ft

Buffalo New York pool table 8ft walnut

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Sidney pooltafel 7ft

Buffalo Sidney pool table 7ft black

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Sidney pooltafel 8ft

Buffalo Sidney pool table 8ft black

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Discovery pooltafel 7ft

Buffalo Discovery pool table 7ft black

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Discovery pooltafel 8ft

Buffalo Discovery pool table 8ft black

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Discovery pooltafel 9ft | Buffalo.nl

Buffalo Discovery pool table 9ft black

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About Buffalo pool tables

Buffalo pool tables are designed and produced with years of expertise and craftsmanship. This results in an extensive collection Buffalo pool tables that all guarantee hours of fun. With a Buffalo pool table you get real quality for a competitive price. There is a Buffalo pool table for the novice and the advanced player. There are Buffalo pool tables for home and Buffalo pool tables for intensive use, for example at the office, there are also Buffalo pool tables suitable for commercial use.

The Buffalo pool table models

At Buffalo you will find the perfect pool table for every level, every style and every space. In the Buffalo pool table collection you will find a large number of hobby pool tables such as the Buffalo pool table Rookie, Hustler, Challenger, Rosewood, Glider, Eliminator Hobby and the Buffalo pool table Shark. These pool tables are particularly suitable for a game of pool at home. The Buffalo Rookie and Challenger are also available in a folding version, so they take up little space when not in use.

The Buffalo pool table Eliminator II is a slate pool table with a good price-quality ratio. The Buffalo Eliminator is available in 7ft, 8ft and 9ft. With the separately available table tennis and dining tops, you can in no time turn the Buffalo Eliminator 7ft or 8ft into a table tennis table or a work/dining table.

The Buffalo Outrage pool table is a slate pool table and is only available in 7ft. The Outrage pool table has a sporty, sleek design with chrome details and a sleek finish of the pockets. The Buffalo Outrage pool table is especially suitable for private use and fits into an almost any interior, partly because you can determine the color of the cloth yourself.

With the Buffalo Dominator pool table, you can also determine the color of the cloth yourself. Striking about the Dominator is the beautiful matte finish of the frame. The Buffalo Dominator pool table is available in two sizes, namely 8ft and 9ft and in the color black or brown. The Dominator pool table is a robust pool table suitable for intensive use.

The Buffalo Pro-II pool table is ideal for intensive use such as in pool centers and is a favorite among pool players. The Buffalo Pro pool table is available in 8ft or 9ft and in brown or black, you can determine the color of the cloth yourself.

The Buffalo White Knight and Viking pool tables are available in 6ft, 7ft and 8ft. These pool tables have a 1-piece slate and are coin operated. For the Buffalo coin-operated pool tables you can choose different euro values, tokens or freeplay. The Buffalo White Knight pool table and the Buffalo Viking pool table are ideal for hotels, game halls, coffee shops, etc.

If you prefer a classic design pool table, Buffalo offers the Buffalo Napoleon pool table. A classic style 8ft pool table with graceful legs and beautiful details. The Napoleon pool table is available in oak or cherry, you can choose the color of the cloth.

The Buffalo Harlem pool table is a beautiful pool/dining/work table combination. The table is made of solid wood and in addition to a beautiful appearance, this pool table also has great playing qualities. Available in 7ft and 8ft, the Buffalo Harlem pool table is the perfect multi-purpose table for the office or home.

Buy a Buffalo pool table online

Of course you can buy a Buffalo pool table online at Buffalo! Assembling a slate pool table is craftsmanship, so choose the assembly service when placing your order and our professional pool table installers will install the table for you by appointment. Do you have a question about a specific model Buffalo pool table or do you want to know more about placing a Buffalo pool table, please contact our pool table specialists via sales@buffalo.nl