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Spikeball Family set

Spikeball Family set

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New Spikeball Pro reserve ballen online kopen | Buffalo.nl

Spikeball Pro balls 2-pack

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Spikeball Standard set

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Spikeball Pro set

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Spikeball Rookie set

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Spikeball Spikebuoy set

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Spikeball balls 2-pack

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Spikeball balls Rookie 2-pack

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What is Spikeball?

Spikeball; the new craze in outdoor games. It's a fun, active and, if you like, competitive game. You play Spikeball in your backyard, on the beach, in the park, indoors when it rains again or even in the water.
Spikeball is played in teams, the game is a combination between volleyball and four square, the rules of the game are similar to those of volleyball, except that you have to hit the net.

The different Spikeball sets

There are three different Spikeball sets; the Spikeball Standard set, the Pro set and the Rookie set. The Spikeball Rookie set is specially designed for the younger, novice Spikeball player and has an extra large net and large Spikeball balls making the Spikeball game easier to learn. The Spikeball Pro set is also used in tournaments and is therefore suitable for the competitive and advanced Spikeball player. The playing field of this set is extra firm and stable so it can handle the most intensive games and the Spikeball Pro balls have a textured surface for more spin and ball control.
Whichever set you go for, the game is quick and easy to set up and put away again. The foldable legs ensure that the game can take a beating and that the game can be stored compactly. You can always find people to play with by downloading the free Spikeball app to connect with players near you.

Buy Spikeball online

At Buffalo.nl you will find, in addition to the Spikeball sets, loose Spikeball balls and the Spikebuoy set.
This set makes it possible to play in the water with your Spikeball Standard or Spikeball Pro set.
Order everything for Spikeball at Buffalo.nl for fast delivery and good service.