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What is Crossnet?

Crossnet is a fun, competitive game inspired by the game four square and ingeniously combined with other sports such as volleyball, football and pickleball. Crossnet started with the combination of foure square and volleyball, but you can now also opt for a game of Crossnet soccer and Crossnet Pickleball.

Relatively little space is required to play Crossnet, the game is easy to set up and easy to take with you wherever you go. Play Crossnet on the beach, in the park or in the backyard. Thanks to the simple rules, the game is suitable for young and old.

How to play Crossnet

The game is played on a 4 by 4 meter field divided into 4 sections. The game requires a minimum of four players, i.e. one player per box. If there are more players, they line up at the first box. The player in box four starts the game by playing the ball to the player in the box diagonally opposite him. The ball must be played over the net with one touch by the players. If that is not possible or if the ball goes out, that player must return to section 1 or join the back of the row. In the latter case, the first in line plays in box 1. The other players in the boxes rotate clockwise. Only the player in box 4 gets a point if someone else makes a mistake. The winner is the first player to reach eleven points with a lead of two points.

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