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Buffalo boemerang Zebra 3 bladig 27cm rechtshandig 40gr

Buffalo boomerang Zebra 3 bladed 27cm right handed 40gr

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Buffalo boemerang Spirit 30,5cm rechtshandig 50gr

Buffalo boomerang Spirit 30,5cm right handed 50gr

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Buffalo boemerang Falcon Ori 38cm rechtshandig 50gr

Buffalo boomerang Falcon Ori 38cm right handed 50gr

Soon available again
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Boomerang throwing is not only a fun leisure activity, but also a sport. There are no boomerang competitions in the Netherlands yet, but there are in other countries. A boomerang is a recurring throwing wood. The official longest measured flight time of a boomerang is almost 3 minutes and unofficially a flight time of more than 17 minutes has been measured. On a good throw, the boomerang returns so close that you can catch it again. Order your boomerang online today and start practising tomorrow!