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Adidas 65cm Gymball DGH Solid Grey

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Adidas 75cm Gymball DGH Solid Grey

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Christopeit Gymball 75 cm blue

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Christopeit Gymball 65 cm red

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Fitness balls in different sizes

With a fitness ball you can train your core and abdominal muscles as well as your leg muscles, arm muscles and balance. Fitness balls are available in different sizes, with a diameter of 55, 65 or 75cm.

What size fitness ball do I need?

Which size fitness ball you need depends on your height.
The general guidelines are:

Ball diameter   Body height
55 cm   Up to 170 cm
65 cm   From 170 cm to 185 cm
75 cm   From 185 cm

How to pump up a fitness ball?

The fitness ball is delivered without air, so you have to inflate it yourself. First fill the fitness ball to approximately 80% of its diameter and let it rest for a day. This gives the material time to stretch and to get in the right shape. After 24 hours the fitness ball can be fully inflated and is ready for use!