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Winmau Pro SFB dartboard

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Winmau Blade 6 dartboard

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Winmau Blade 6 Dual Core dartboard

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Winmau Blade 6 Triple Core dartboard

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Dartbord Winmau Sniper set incl. dartpijlen online kopen | Buffalo.nl

Dartboard Winmau Sniper set incl.darts

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Innergames Bristle Dartboard

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Winmau Dartboard Diamond Wired

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Cabinet Set, Incl. Dartboard & Darts

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Winmau Pro- Dartset Cabinet PDS sniper set

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Winmau Pro-dart set Diamond

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Dartboard Fittings & Rules

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Winmau Blade 6 Championship dart set

Winmau Blade 6 Championship darts set

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The difference in dartboards

Dartboards, with the exception of electronic dartboards, all look similar. However, there are sometimes large price differences between dartboards suitable for steel-tip darts. This has to do with the material of the board and the wiring.
The dartboards in our collection are made of pressed paper or sisal, a natural fibre, and iron edges that line the scoring areas. A sisal dartboard is more durable than one made of pressed paper. Because sisal fibres are strong and resilient, the holes created by the darts are filled by the surrounding fibres. The density of the fibres determines the durability of the dartboard, also a dartboard with a high density will have less bouncers. The quality of the sisal used also determines the price of the dartboard. The best sisal comes from Africa and this African sisal is used in the Winmau dartboards.
Another important difference between dartboards is the wiring. The thicker the wiring, the more chance of bouncers and also the fixing of the wiring with staples gives more bouncers. A cheaper dartboard has round wires and staples, more expensive dartboards have recessed wires and/or triangular wires.

Which dartboard is the best choice for me?

When buying a dartboard you have to pay attention to the fact that the bull's eye is free of staples. Furthermore, the choice for the best dartboard depends on your budget or what you want to spend on a dartboard and on what level you play darts. Are you a beginner or do you just occasionally want to play darts for fun than any dartboard is good. Are you a more advanced darter then you will pay more attention to the wiring when you buy a dartboard. A dartboard with Blade Wire system, like the Winmau Blade 6 is a good choice or the Winmau Diamond wired with a triangular wire. You could also choose the Winmau Blade 6 Dual Core. Dual Core stands for the two layers of sisal that are processed in the board. The top layer has a slightly lower pressure which makes the darts slide more easily into the board. The lower layer has a higher pressure so it has a higher recovery capacity to close the holes in the board again. Then there's the Winmau Blade 6 Triple Core, this dartboard features an all-new patented system with a seamless playing surface and a third, high-compression layer, carbon fiber reinforced sisal. This dartboard offers the ultimate combination of optimal fiber density and maximum score.

Maintenance of a dartboard

After playing for some time you will notice that the wear of the dartboard is not evenly distributed. Probably the 5, 20 and 1 show the most wear because you aim for the highest triple. In order to distribute the wear evenly and thus extend the life of your dartboard, you should rotate the dartboard. Of course the numbers have to be rotated as well and on most dartboards the numbers are attached to an adjustable ring, so you can easily rotate them. If you dart often it is wise to rotate your dartboard at least once a week. You always rotate the dartboard clockwise and move the 20 to the 18. Furthermore it is important that you keep the dartboard dry, do not hang it in a damp place or expose it for a long time to bright (sun) light. This way the sisal fibres remain strong and resilient and the board will not discolour. We recommend the use of LED lighting to illuminate the dartboard.
Pull darts out of the dartboard with a twisting motion and make sure the tips of your darts are well maintained. This prevents sisal fibres being pulled out of the board when pulling out the darts.

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