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Legal warranty / Non Conformity

The legal warranty applies to all products purchased through Buffalo.nl:

A product must have those properties that are necessary for normal use. In short: do what the buyer can reasonably expect from it. This means that a product must not show any defects during its expected lifespan under normal use. If a product does not meet these expectations, in other words: if it shows a defect, Buffalo.nl must in principle repair it free of charge or, if that is not possible, deliver a replacement, comparable product. Or if that is not possible: to dissolve the agreement.

If the product has been used for a long time without problems, Buffalo.nl does not have to reimburse the entire purchase amount. For repairs, Buffalo.nl may charge costs if the lifespan of the product is extended by the repair after a longer period of use. These legal rules always apply and are independent of any other warranty given, such as a manufacturer's warranty.

If the product has not been used normally or if there is normal wear and tear, the above does not apply.