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Pool tabel dining table combo

Work, eat and relax in one room. That's possible with the slate pool table Buffalo Amsterdam, the Buffalo Legend and the Aramith Fusion pool table dining table combination. Change the pool table in a luxurious (meeting) table, simply by placing a solid wooden top. The pool table dining table combination Buffalo Amsterdam fits in any modern or classic interior thanks to its luxurious solid wood and is available in 4 different colors and two sizes. The cloth can be ordered in (almost) any color, so it can be matched with your interior. To complete your room, you can order the matching benches. The Aramith Fusion pool table dining table combo has a timeless and modern design with steel legs. Together with the Aramith chairs and benches, you have a multifunctional modern dining room, workroom and pool room. Don't want to assemble the pool table yourself? Contact our professional assembly service or add the assembly service directly to your order.

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